Thursday, February 25, 2016

Murphy's Law

Anything that can happen.... Will happen.....
This week was just great... Absolutely awesome.... Like the joy I feel
for a couple of the days this week is so powerful you can't
imagine...... For those who haven't detected my sarcasm yet, please do
so now.🙃

But anyways, about my week I'll start with the bad, Monday we lost our
phone and didn't find it until Tuesday night.... In a puddle...
Several inches deep..... The phone was fried. Not to mention my comp
was out of his medicine that he takes. To get a new one we had to get
out to Morristown to switch the SIM cards and get the new phone....
For those who don't know Morristown is about an hour and a half drive
from Bayonne, And we don't have a car.
Now let's recap.
1. Phone lost
2. Comp needs prescription
3. Phone found-phone dead
4. Have to ->call<- office to get new phone... No phone
5. Finally get into contact over email... Have to drive out to Morristown.
6. No car
Alright now the story picks up. We finally find a doctors office that
will take Elder Jess in to get him his prescription refilled and we
schedule an appointment for the next morning. We also talk to the
missionaries in Jersey City so we can borrow their car.... All is goin
good. Finally...
So we get the car in the morning and we're on our way back to Bayonne
to go to the doctors appointment when blam!!! I hit a pothole or
something driving and we blow out the sidewall of the tire......(Palm
to forehead). Luckily we were close to the doctors office, so we left
one problem to go fix another. Appointment went good, problem solved,
meds acquired. Now back to the other. We go back to the car, adding
more quarters to the meter of course, and change the tire. And as
you'd expect the jack for the car had no way to turn it. Just a ring
to twist, so we found a small screwdriver to use as our lever and
changed the tire. We then proceeded to go to Rite-Aid to get the meds
and go to a lunch appointment we had set up that we didn't know if it
was still good because we had no phone. All good, lunch is good. Now
we need to fix the fire, because driving out to Morristown on a donut
tire is not preferable. Especially when it's all free ways and the
donut can't go more then 50mph. Now back at home it's pretty simple to
get a tire replaced, especially when there is a tire dealer right
across the street, but no, To get the tire replaced, we have to call
the vehicle coordinator and get permission.... Oh ya, no phone.... So
we emailed him and tried to iMessage other missionaries to call him
for us. No luck. Ultimately we decide that we have to drive out to
Morristown without any more delay or we wouldn't get there in time. So
we said a small prayer and began our journey. It consisted of a 2 hour
journey with lots of angry drivers stuck behind me and no way to let
them pass. Very frustrating, because as many of you may know... I like
to go fast.... And to drive.... And I very rarely get to do that.
Going on we finally make it to the office at 5:30(the office closes at
5) praying that someone was still there. And there was!!! We finally
got the new phone and figured out what to do with the car. From there
we start driving to a pep boys and get detoured 20 minutes because of
a wreck. We get there and after half an hour of bad service we are
informed that they can't change our tire because they don't carry
Goodyear. They then tell us that all the other places around have
already closed. So we submitted and drove back home on the donut tire.
Handed the problem car back off to the other elders so they can deal
with it and went home and found some much needed rest.
 That all happened Thursday. We were phoneless from Monday night to
Thursday night we missed 34 txt messages and 7 calls.... And barely
got anything done this week.

Now for the good things!
I went on exchange Tuesday with my district leader and we had 3
amazing lessons. Like holy cow the spirit was powerful. We taught this
guy Who was super excited, he had only been taught once before but was
super gitty about the gospel.

We also got our new branch councilors which is helpful, it can take
more of the load off of Presidente's back. Overall it was a good week
despite the annoying phone and car situation. We are now fighting to
make up all that time we lost and get back in contact with our
investigators. All is well.
I hope everyone is having a dandy time back at home. I love you all
and wish you the best.

           -Elder Anthony Hicks
  New Jersey Morristown Mission
 "Look at this beautiful representation of my feelings that I found on a car"

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