Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Blessings in referrals!!

This week was awesome!!!
So this week was transfers and I got my new companion. His Name is
Elder Jess and he is from Alaska, and he is super old(in missionary
world) 21 months to be exact. And he is awesome. We got along
perfectly since day one.

In other News regarding the title, let me tell you people, member
missionaries are the BOMB! First off all of our solid investigators
are member referrals. The 3 baptisms we had last week were member
referrals, and then a new investigator that we got on Friday is a
crazy member referral. Not to mention that their help in lessons is
amazing! Missionaries suck, that's why we ask you people to come all
the time to lessons, because we know that your help will get people to
the waters of Baptism our lesson on Friday was crazy! This lady was
hit by what I like to call the "spirit punch" like 6 times. And she is
now on date for baptism after one lesson! That's crazy! So there's my
advice, help the missionaries as much as possible!

On my own personal level I am doin fantastic, with a new companion and
a bumpin area I am pumped to serve the Lord! I also got to do my first
confirmation yesterday and that was freaky! We were up there to
confirm the Family that got baptized and after the dad, the older
daughter Stephany came up and President Bourdett was like "now you" in
a heavy Guatemalan accent and I freaked out trying to remember what to
say. But luckily the spirit guides and I was able to do it and it was
sooooooooo cool. It felt like my spirit took a step back from my body
and let the Holy Ghost take control for a second. Like some kind of
weird out of body experience!

Thanks for all your support and I invite you to do your part and find
those people who are in need of the conquering comfort and love of the
Holy Ghost, our Savior Jesus Christ, and most importantly our Father
in Heaven.

I love all of you and keep on keepin on!
       God Bless

          -Elder Anthony Hicks

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