Tuesday, January 26, 2016


So this week was a little different then the rest.....

Tuesday was crazy, we contacted most of the day until our lesson with
the Ivan and Jessica's family... They're the niece and nephew of our
branch president... They also happen to be super crazy prepared. for
example: we put them on date for the 29th.... Of January.... So this
Friday! It's so Stinkin fast but they are prepared for it. Me and my
companion did very little work with them. God placed them right in
front of us! It's so crazy.

Wednesday was pretty cool. We got to be part of the first worldwide
missionary conference in which the general authorities in charge of
Missionary Work gave us training on the basic fundamentals. After that
I got to go on exchange with one of our zone leaders Elder Hilton. We
then proceeded to spend the whole day with President Bourdett running
from house to house talking to members and teaching a few lessons to
investigators. Let me tell you, I can take sitting through people
translating from Spanish to English or Vice versa but when you add
Portuguese,Spanish, and English all in the mix together... I give
up... That is just a headache.

Thursday we spent a ton of time doing our weekly planning since we all
the sudden have to plan and organize the baptism of 4 people this
week, and then I had to teach another English class..... You don't
realize how ridiculous our language is until you have to teach it,
what is wrong with us!?!?

Friday was interesting. We spent the whole day contacting but what was
funny was the people. Apparently people here think the end of the
world is coming with this Snow storm we got, there were hour long
lines at all the gas stations, the stores were cleaned of merchandise
and all the people were running around like mad men.

Saturday..... It begins.... So when we woke up and started studies,
there was probably 10 inches of snow on the ground. As we went out to
help people shovel, there was probably a foot at least... And as the
day went on.... I'm going to say we had to at least gotten 2 and a
half ft..... And the wind.... Ohhhh the wind........ But we continued
on. Also people apparently don't understand helping your neighbor
shovel out here, because everyone asked us how much we were charging
when we offered to help out and then freaked out when we said it was
all free! One lady came out of her house and almost started crying
because of how grateful she was. So it was a crazy storm and a very
humbling experience of service.

Sunday... For the first time in my life church was cancelled. As
missionaries it kinda threw off our whole day. We went and helped some
more people dig their cars out but it just felt weird all day because
of the whole no church thing.

But thank you all for your concern over the Looming Storm. Yes it was
big, and yes my back hurts from shoveling. But it was an amazing
opportunity for service and I loved it!


Here is a picture of a buried car

 Teaching English

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