Tuesday, January 19, 2016

O be wise; what can I say more?

 Dear friends and family,
      This week has been pretty great.
  Started off the week great with a companion exchange and I spent all
  Monday night, all of Tuesday, and half of Wednesday with the one and
  only Elder Schultz, or in other words my mental twin!
  Me and this guy could talk for days. And we've already made plans for
  after our missions. But that was ridiculously awesome and we did some
  great work together!
  Wednesday we had a Zone Conference that was given by our Mission
  President  which was super enlightening. And I've also found the most
  important scripture in the Book Of Mormon , Jacob 6:12

  Or in other words... Don't be Dumb! So ya that's like the best scripture ever.

 Thursday turned out to be really annoying. That moment when you thought you were gonna eat lunch with the Branch President and then go see a bunch of Less active's with him... And then you get to his house and find out he's on vacation in Sacramento..... So that was annoying. Then after that we hopped on the oh so wonderful light rail, got on the wrong train to find out and ended up in Hoboken.... After an hour of maneuvering between different trains we finally made it back to Bayonne.

  Friday went a little bit better. None of our appointments juked, and we had a crazy spiritual lesson with our Investigator Rose (Mosiah 18 to the rescue) and basically put her on baptismal date.

  Saturday everyone of the 5 appointments we had set up cancelled. So we ended up contacting all day long. Nothing to do eventful.

  Sunday was great because we had 72 people at church which is a ton here in Bayonne. Not to mention that 10 of the people there were investigators!!!
  We also had a small dinner with a really cool member, Brother Rose, who has a daughter that lives in Herriman. Small word moments. Plantains by the way, super delicious, never had them before.
  But craziest of all, it finally snowed, all night like long, merry Christmas everybody.

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