Thursday, January 14, 2016

Weekly Update... Jeffrey R. Holland.....

So this week had a ton of new stuff happen.... It's has also been off
and on super cold to super warm.

Tuesday we had a Zone meeting with President Taggart and got a bunch
of training about teaching investigators to pray and how simple and
easy it is for us, but we don't realize that the way we pray can be
very foreign to many people.

Wednesday: We spent another day with our Branch President visiting
less active's and members and experienced my first 3 language
conversation. We spoke English which our president translated to
Spanish which the member translated into Portuguese for her mother
who's investigating.... That was weird. We also got to teach the Bravo
family who were referred to us by Pres. Bourdett  and the lesson went
awesome and they are really interested in learning more about the

Thursday: It was super weird because we spent most of the day in our
apartment because of weekly planning and we also had to do cleaning
and de-clutter our apartment because we were having an inspection by
the Senior Missionaries. It wasn't to bad though because we keep our
apt pretty clean. After that we got to go to a Hibachi restaurant with
a member who we helped move and it was super funny because my
companion had never been to one of those places before. The biggest
event of Thursday though was English class.......... So I've mentioned
before that most the people in our Branch speak better Spanish then
English or don't speak English at all. So our Pres. Is having us teach
an English class. The problem is that the lessons we're supposed to
use haven't gotten here yet so I had to wing it for the first class.
It basically turned into a teaching everyone how to pray in English
class. But it turned out alright.

Friday: nothing big happened just visiting some less active's and
dinner with our Pres.

Saturday:......ohhh Saturday.

So the first part of Saturday was good because we got to meet a
referral and set up a return appointment. After that we met up with
other missionaries to go to Newark for the highlight of the Week. Our
stake got the privilege to have Elder Jeffrey R. Holland speak to us.
It was awesome..... We met him briefly in person when our mission
president stopped on the wrong floor with him in the elevator and he
waved at us. That was great, and then my darn companion got to shake
his hand and talk to him while I was helped my someone hand out
translation radios.... Elder Holland's talk was amazing(as usual) and
he spoke all about the amazing and undeniable evidence this church has
"532 pages of testimony of Christ and God our Heavenly Father!". So
you know.... I guess that was pretty cool.

Sunday: the ultimate test of spiritual knowledge. First it started
with last minute callings to give talks in church (which by the way
went great) on missionary work for Members. But the real test was
after church, we had two investigator appointments in a row who had
alllllll the questions. The first one kept asking super deep questions
about the Plan of Salvation while the other one went crazy deep about
faith. We left after the second one at 6 pm and were spiritually
exhausted, but through the spirit we survived and were able to answer
all those question with confidence. But it was crazy.

So all in all in was a great and crazy week. Lots of new experiences
and weird moments.

Thank you so much for all your support and love. Keep on being the
amazing people you are and keep being missionaries in your own places
wherever you are and whatever you're doing.
God bless and see you in 21 and a half months.....

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