Thursday, January 7, 2016

Happy New Year!!!!!!! 2016!!!!!!!!

Well hello everybody, and welcome to 2016, I keep forgetting because
the usual party that leaves me completely dead for the next few days
doesn't happen in the mission field, but anyways I'll get to that!

So to start as a summary... This week has been crazy, unlike our usual
gig of spending most of our time trying to find people, we have spent
this whole week rushing from appointment to appointment! We've been
doing a ton of work with Less active's to get people back to church
and it's been working awesomely(we had to teach our Guatemalan Branch
President what "awesome" meant because I say it too much

We had a hectic day of an exchange with 5 appointments set so we
rushed from an amazing district meeting to make it to all these places
all across our area( 3 light rail rides back and forth) and it was way
fun. I spent the whole day with the one and only Elder Adams from
Arizona who is also our district leader now. He pretty much awesome.
He showed me a few things that have changed my teaching techniques and
he is a great high energy person that loves fantasy books just as much
as I do!(we spent our whole free time at the end of the day telling
each other about our favorite book series)

We spent almost the whole day with our Branch President going to
appointments with less active members and it was crazy how great he is
with people. We have no idea what half the things he said to them were
because it was in Spanish.... But the spirit was strong and effective
at touching those people's hearts. We also got fed twice in one day
which is like a miracle for the English program out here and the
ironic thing is that both meals were with Spanish families who spoke
only a little English... But it's all cool, I love Spanish food.

Another day that we pretty much spent the whole time weigh our Branch
president except today we were helping him set up for the New Years
party that our church was throwing and picking up some of the disabled
members in our branch to bring them to it. We got fed again and it was
an awesome day even though we only got to be at the party for 30
minutes because we had to go home and go to bed.

Friday was pretty good but it did have a sad moment. We had a meeting
with the Hall family who are helping us with one of our main
investigators and then we had lunch with President Bourdett. But then
immediately after that we got to go to a party that a member in Jersey
City was throwing just for the local missionaries. He runs a
Philippino catering company so obviously lots of that kind of food.
But above all he had the spicy peppers there....... As you can imagine
having eight 19 year olds together we saw these peppers and the challenge
began. Everyone ate one of these peppers  whole.... My mouth has never
burned so much in my life. For about 20 minutes we were all in
excruciating pain and after about 4 hours the only reaction left was
my stomach was turning inside out..... But you know, it's all
good...... After that we met up with one of our less active's named
Angela and talked to her about how hard she is trying to quit smoking
unbeknownst to her we were planning on giving her an awesome gift to
help her out. After we left we pulled out the gift we had( a whole
bunch of Cinnamon gum and icebreakers, a bunch of beautiful pictures
of the savior and other scriptures and a Poem book my mom sent me
"Touch Of The Masters Hand") we left it on her porch and doorbell
ditched her. She called us later and told us how happy it made her and
she swore that she was never going to pick up a cigarette again. So
hopefully it'll all work out.

We had three super good lessons starting with a guy we've talked to a
few times named Justis who I'm pretty sure may be an enlightened
being, he is just one step away from knowing the fullness.
#TheOneTrueChurch then after that we reconnected with our main
investigator Perry whom we had thought we lost and just found out that
he had a really hard Christmas.... But we are working with him strong
now so he can get baptized on the 30th!

We had 8 investigators show up to church!!! That's crazy for Bayonne.
Between our work, the Branch presidents work, and Gods work we managed
to get a ton of people to show up to church. It was crazy! After that
though nothing to eventful.

Oh and P.S Elder Jeffery R. Holland is coming to speak to our Stake on
Saturday.... So that's kinda cool.....

The last pic is of our epic Branch President Mario Bourdett!!!

I love all of you guys and thank you so much for your support, prayers, and love.
Keep on keepin on!
God Bless!
-Elder Anthony Hicks

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