Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Ultimate Team Up

  Hello all my weekly followers! This week was a solid mixture of
hectic to halted. One day we are running around late to everything and
the next we have so little going on we don't even know where to begin.
      So To Begin! On Tuesday we had interviews with president! Which
if you remember at all from the last 2 transfers, that means me and my
companion get to sit in the same room for 6 hours doing the same
training 5 times over and over. (Is that what Highschool teachers feel
like?) .....Going on....  and then after all the interviews President
Taggart wanted to come out as a team up with us for the whole night!
That is like a once in a mission opportunity. Not that many
missionaries get to do that. So of course we scrambled to get all of
our investigators scheduled so the Faith bomb of Pres. Taggart could
be there. It was absolutely awesome to have him there teaching with
us. Quite interesting to see the mission President out of the meetings
and trainings world. So ya, the most ultimate team up ever.
      The rest of the week was just the usual of teaching lessons and
takin names. We did have Zone Conference which me and Elder Peterson
Trained at. We got the opportunity to give a super powerful training
on the Doctrine of the Gospel of Christ.
      I also got to go with Elder Spencer down in West New York on
exchange! That was an awesome experience. We taught this one
investigator who they were at a roadblock with. After delving in we
found out her problems and talked about Alma 7 and how Christ feels
and understands everything we go through. The spirit was super strong
and she cried through most of the lesson. She said the closing prayer
in Spanish so I didn't understand a good chunk of it but it was so
absolutely obvious that she was genuine, and that she was pouring out
her soul to God. Repentance is real people!
       Other then that the usual. We got a killer storm coming up on
Tuesday, looks like it's gonna be a blast!

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission
New York City
Elder Spencer and Myself in front of New York City
Elder Peterson and myself's perfect weekly planning set up.

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