Monday, March 6, 2017

Look! Something Happened

So.... this week was full of surprises!
   To preface... Miracles happen and people can be truly prepared...
So on Wednesday we go to teach this investigator Janet.... she's super
cool... anyways... We met her when the Spanish Sisters referred her to
us a few weeks ago but we weren't able to talk much when we first met.
We had scheduling conflicts and couldn't meet for 2 weeks. And then we
finally met on Wednesday. Now here is where things get crazy. We
started teaching her and learned she had been taught everything before
in Massachusetts and also by the spanish sisters here. Things were
different this time. After teaching the first vision it really hit
her. Any of the hold backs she had before were gone. We mentioned
baptism and she was all for it.
   And then she told us she wanted to do it this Sunday.
Holy Flip! We were freaking out but we couldn't deny the spirit that
was there. We told her that it was totally possible but we had to make
a couple calls to make sure. We called President Taggart to get
permission and our Bishop to get his thoughts. Everyone was
onboard(Though very Hesitant) as long as we got her introduced to as
many members as possible over the next 4 days.
   So we started planning like crazy! We saw her Wednesday,
Thursday(For 2 1/2 hours), Friday(For 2 hours), and Saturday for an
hour and then got her interviewed. We pounded out all the things that
she needed to know and understand and it all lined up! So many
miracles happened to make this baptism work down to even her having a
towel at the baptismal service. Holy Stinkin ridiculousness!
   Another Miracle is that we had a ton of people show up to church!
Englewood is Exploding!
   Funny story of the week. When the baptism happened they forgot to
pull the plug in the font.... pictures and videos provided.

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