Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!!

  Happy New Years everybody! I hope you all had wonderful parties to
go to! I didn't, you know, because I'm a missionary and stuff.
So this week was Exchange and meeting madness.... I finally feel like
a Zone Leader!
    On Tuesday I got to go on exchange with Elder Clark! He's from
Colorado and he's one of my new best friends. Both of us have an
obsession with Lord of the Rings so it clicked from the beginning.
He's in a Spanish area so I got to sit through some Spanish lessons
again. It was really bad this time because the one lesson we taught
was to a Dominican lady.... like straight off the plane Dominican....
now if anyone is familiar with their dialect it's rapid fire fast and
they don't pronounce half their letters. Now my lack of understanding
Spanish and Elder Clark being a newer missionary put us in a bad
place. She was talking to us faster then a machine gun telling us some
kind of story about how she felt about Catholics and God. We were
completely lost to her story. But because we are lucky people she
finished her rant with a random comment. "Por que no misioneras en
Dominican Republic?" So we were able to answer and survive the lesson,
I also met the demon dog that lived next door.
    And then I went on a second exchange with Elder Miller from Neola,
Utah.... he's a super farmer handyman guy. Super cool! We talked a lot
about smithing........
    Now for the Meeting madness! Friday was Mission Leader Council.
Where all the Zone leaders and Sister Training Leaders sit down with
president for 5 hours and talk about how to lead the mission. Then on
Saturday we had interviews with President. And the twist was that we
have to give the training's to the missionaries waiting to be
interviewed. So we had to give the the same training 4 times as the
missionaries cycled through their interviews.... It was pretty rough.
I was absolutely exhausted.
    So between 2 exchanges and 2 really long meetings, and now I have
to plan another training for tomorrow.... I'm absolutely tired.
    Happy new year everybody, I'mma take a nap..... oh wait, got no
time for that.

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