Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Stuff!!

Hello my dear Subjects! Merry Christmas Season!!!
This week has been crazy! With so much partying , Singing, and
teaching it's crazy!
Early on in the week I went on exchange with Elder Hills. He's a super
cool young missionary and we got to sit down and teach a really good
lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ to an awesome investigator who
had a ton of really good questions!
And then later in the week we hit the party weekend!
      Friday we had the all mission Christmas concert in which we had
Bart Oates a former NFL Center and 2 time Super Bowl winner who just
happens to be a bishop here speak to us which was cool! And then we
had the party with a few funny skits! I got to be a part of the best
one.... just saying, the lyrics are provided below though a lot of
them are mission jokes that you might not understand.
     Friday night we also got to be on exchange and I went up to New
York with Elder Jean-Baptiste, who is from Haiti. He is the most
entertaining I've seen in a long time! I got the opportunity to watch
him open his Christmas presents and he was like a little child
screaming with joy at the smallest gift. He was an amazing example of
charity to me too. Immediately after opening all his gifts he started
divvying stuff out to give to some of the homeless people in the area.
He then handed me a tie and a pair of socks that he got and said they
were for me. Then he put a tie and a pair of socks aside for his
companion without even a thought. It was really heartwarming to see.
     Saturday we had our ward Christmas party which was really fun and
we had a few investigators there which is super sweet!
       Sunday was the English Missionary Fireside. It was absolutely
amazing! I love singing Christmas music and I got the chance to be a
part of 3 different musical numbers that all went super well and it's
crazy how blessed my voice has become.... 10 months ago I couldn't
sing tenor without hurting myself but yesterday I sang Joy to the
world in Alto for a couple practices just to see if I could.... so...
        I also got to see some of the people back from Clinton that I
love so stinkin dearly!
So my week has been pretty good! Christmas is coming up and I'm
excited for all the joy that people have this next week though I will
miss all the ridiculous parties our family does.

Thankyou all so much for the great support you give me, and thankyou
to those who sent cards and gifts! And to those that didn't, I
understand, I wouldn't send one either ;)

                      Elder Anthony Sleigh Hicks
                  New Jersey Morristown Mission

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