Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Faith to Find!!!

So, I hate knocking doors..... but guess what we did a lot of this
last week? We knocked doors.... and it was Great!!!!
   Something we've been working on a lot in the mission over that last
couple of weeks is Faith. There are many areas in the mission where
missionaries have fallen into the depressive ideals that include such
statements as "This area is dead.... There are no prepared people
here.... This area doesn't baptize.... Etc" you know that kind of
thing... I know, I've been there. I've said some of those things.
   The missions goal is to have a paradigm shift. We need to have the
"Faith to Find"
So me and Elder Trask have been putting a ton of work into finding new
investigators through everything! Members, door knocking, street
contacting, everything!. And it's working!!!! We have found a bunch of
people and there is a ton of potential here!
   The cold has arrived and it has snowed twice this week! It is
definitely looking like this winter is going to be better then the
last one. Not like last years joke of being 70 degrees on Christmas
day. Though my companion complains a lot about the cold. He's a
California surfer boy so he ain't got no winter layers on his body.

Cool experience for the week. I went on exchange in Passaic with Elder
Hunt. It is a spanish area so I wasn't super involved in the lessons
but during one lesson I felt prompted to share my testimony about the
Plan of Salvation and I was blessed to have wifi so I typed out a huge
paragraph on Google Translate super fast while Elder Hunt was teaching
and I was able to share my Testimony in Spanish.

Sorry I got no serious stories with details but it's just been hectic.
Thank you guys for all the help and support you give me! Happy holidays
and good tidings

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