Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Transfer Doctrine......

Well we got transfer news last night everybody....
Drum Roll please.....
Absolutely nothing is changing.
Tuh dah!!!
So about my week....
Good fun stuff, had an exchange, started teaching a new investigator,
found out about an all mission summer conference coming up. Power
sprayed for the first time in my life. Etc.
I got a new haircut, that's always fun....
Anyways, to elaborate on the earlier stated events.
        On Tuesday had exchanges again and being that we only have one other
set of Elder's in our district it was the same except I had to lead
out for the first time in this new area. This very large, very
unorganized in it's roads and maps, and very full of bad wrong turns.
The GPS can only go so far. But it was a great exchange.
        The new investigator guy named Bruce! We taught him for the first
time a few weeks ago but he didn't show a lot of interest but we
decided to keep trying by. So me and Elder Jensen(who was on exchange
with) decided to stop by again. It turned out to be a really spiritual
lesson. He was going through a lot because of a divorce and it was
hitting him really hard. We talked a lot about faith and enduring
through trials. Then I got the prompting to show him the Mountains to
Climb video(P.S. I have yet to see anyone we show that video for the
first time not cry after it.) and it really helped him a lot. We
invited him to start hearing the missionary lessons and he really
seemed interested now. So I'll try to keep ya'll up to date on his
        So apparently there is an all mission conference coming up next P-day
and it's going to be all the missionaries hanging out and playing
games at a park! That will be super fun! So heads up to everyone I may
just send a short email next week because I probably won't have a lot
of time.
        Power spraying.... So every Friday we spend a few hours working with
the head Gardener of. Hunterdon County Parks & rec for service and it
is really fun. The guy, Jason, always keeps us busy doing good ole
outdoors work and this last Friday I got to power spray down an old
man made waterfall thingy in one of the parks because next week we get
to re-seal all the rocks together. I have never been so dirty or
soaked on my mission so far. If you've never power sprayed the trick
is to not let it ricochet back at you..... I didn't figure that out
for a good 15 minutes.....
        So that was some of the more interesting moments in our week.
        I hope you are all doing great and that you are staying awesome!!!
Keep Reading your scriptures and praying.... There missionary part of
the email done.
Love you guys, see you next week.

 Family Home Evening at Sister Kings house

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