Monday, March 7, 2016

Food, Glorious Food!!!

This week was interesting.
To start our week was a little slow. We got juked on a lot of our
appointments, leaving our week pretty empty. Not to mentioned that we
lost a whole day and a half of time.
Because I am still a Newer missionary I had to go to Specialized
training in Morristown last Friday and also this Friday. This includes
first off the hour drive out there... Then 6 hrs of meetings and
trainings with a lunch hour in between and then an hour drive home.
Not to mention that we had to sleep over at another missionary's
apartment in Union city because of scheduling issues.... It was all
kind of an annoying situation. Oh and I shattered the glass on my
iPad.... Fun times I'm telling you. Missionary work is awesome,
missionary meetings and logistics... Not so great.
      For the good side of things we put another investigator on
date!!! Her name is Janet and she is super stinkin excited to learn
about he Gospel, we had a couple setbacks because of surgeries but
she's all in now. Her teenage son is a member and he has been helping
us to teach her and explain things to her and it's super cool. Funny
story that goes along with that. Before we went to her house we were
at a dinner appointment with a member family. The food was good but
there wasn't a lot of it, so afterwards Elder Jess and I both were
pretty hungry but we decided we had to stop by Janet's house before we
retired for the night because we hadn't heard from her in a week. We
showed up and were welcomed in though she was freaking out that her
house was slightly messy. As we began to talk about the Gospel her
Boyfriend proceeded to order a pizza... For each of us..... And it was
a very dense, heavy pizza. Trying to be polite I tried to finish this
whole thing.... But it just wasn't gonna happen. Just before I reached
puking point and with the food baby kicking I gave up.... It was the
first time on my missions that I had to tell somebody that I didn't
want more food! And it was really good food!!!
   Anyways, We also had stake conference this week which was cool
because it was the first ever stake conference in the new Liberty Park
Other than that nothing super cool or exciting that I can remember.
I'm not sick anymore, so that's nice.
Thanks for all your support and love. Stay awesome and spread the good news!
           -Elder Anthony Hicks
  New Jersey Morristown Mission

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