Thursday, December 10, 2015

Weekly update! actualización semanal!

So this week was quite the experience including getting lost on Newark
roads because the gps didn't explain which exit to take... And then an
hour detour later we finally got back on track! But this week, like all
had its ups and downs and it's really confusing times.
I got the chance to go on exchange with the zone leaders this week and
I ended up going to there area with Elder Wright who is super cool.
The catch though, is that they are a Spanish area. So everyone we went
to teach spoke little to no English. So it turned into a lot of me
sitting there quietly trying to pull together all the Spanish
knowledge I have to figure out what is going on. I managed to jump in
and teach a couple times and in the process was informed by a Spanish
member that I'm the next prophet because I teach well and can read
Spanish from the Book of Mormon with an almost perfect pronunciation
and accent. So y'all better watch out. Then the next day our branch
president wanted us and the Spanish Elders in our area to start
working with each other to unify the Spanish and English members In
our branch.... So more Spanish!!! I was very surprised that I didn't
come out of it all with a serious headache. 2 days straight of a
foreign language can really take a toll. But it was still pretty cool
and a great new experience. The rough part of the week was Friday and
Saturday. We had nothing scheduled and spent the whole day knocking
doors and talking to people on the street, which is not my idea of fun
but it was still good.  Other than that it has been another great
week of lessons and spreading the word. Thanks to those who sent
Christmas cards to me. It made my day.
I love all of you and thank you for all your support.
God Bless!

         -Elder Anthony Hicks

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