Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Still no snow!!

Well the title says it all..... It's not Christmas season yet in New
Jersey. If there is no snow by Christmas I might just quit and head

Anyways.... This week has been a ridiculous roller coaster of ups and downs.
We've been super stressed because transfer is today and we had no idea
if we were gonna get sent out of Bayonne right when we finally got
things rolling, and right before Christmas! Buts it's all good, we
will still be in good ole Bayonne for seven more weeks!!!
Monday was just another P-day with competitive Basketball and a few
manly bruises but Tuesday was the best companion exchange yet! The one
and only musical prodigy Elder Pastene from Chile was with me the
whole day and we KILLED IT!!! He is also the funniest guy in the whole
Wednesday we got to go do service for a disabled veteran guy in our
Branch and that is super cool
Thursday we got to go out with a super nice family in our branch to
visit a couple investigators and less actives.
Then Friday was the big day. We had the opportunity to have Elder
Evans of the 70 come and speak to us.... All day long.... Which was
super cool and depressing at the same time because all he talked about
in the beginning was families and going home and getting married fast
stories.... As you can imagine that was hard for us missionaries. But
then the rest was on repentance which is super cool and we are
changing our teaching techniques completely because of it.
Saturday was normal proselyting day.
But Sunday was super special. We got to put on an amazing Christmas
program with all the English missionaries for everyone in the whole
mission area!!! It was so awesome and spiritual and also was sad
because Christmas songs make me slightly homesick..... But it's all
good!!! Christmas is coming and the spirit spreads.
I love all you guys and thank you for all the support and prayers you
lend my way!
Spread the word and God bless

Here is our beautiful book collection

This is our Christmas Tree.....

 Elder Pastene in front of an awesome Jeep!!!!

and here is my beautiful face #Pride

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