Monday, December 21, 2015

So this week has been a little different.

So this week has been a little different.
To start like I said last Monday it was transfer week so Tuesday was
spent at a big zone conference for us to meet all the new people in
our zone and then we went into our own district meetings which is
great because we have a new district leader who is super energetic and
Wednesday and Thursday were tough because all of our scheduled
appointments juked us and we ended up walking the streets and
contacting people all day long which is good and bad because we meet
new people but it can get quite tedious.
Friday was awesome though. From morning till going home we went to
different Christmas parties... First was the Mission Christmas party
in which we heard a few speakers and then went into the gym for some
hilarious skits, one of which I was a part of, but unfortunately I
still haven't acquired the video of it yet. But for a hint it was
called the "Reindeer Gang Rap" Then we got to pick up all our gifts
and packages from our families. And thanks to everyone for the letters
and packages. It really made my week.then finally after that huge
party we came back to Bayonne to go to our Branch party. Little bummer
because we didn't get any actual missionary work done but a break
every once in awhile is ok.
Saturday turned into another day of missed appointments and contacting
until later when we Met our investigator Perry... Who is now on date
to be Baptized and he is so psyched!!! So Saturday turned out alright.

Now for Sunday...........
Sunday was different, I'll skip the usual stuff from a Sunday and go
to the part in which things were very different. After an hour or so
of trying to show the Christmas video to people on the street I
spotted this one guy who was sitting against a wall smoking. So I
asked if we could show the Christmas video.... He responded kindly by
hysterically laughing in my face, ripped my iPad and Book of Mormon
out of my hand and hit me over the head with it while telling me in
very harsh language to leave and to "Enjoy Hell". I kindly told him to
have a nice day and walked away, and to top it all off he was wearing
a law enforcement badge on his belt. So that was nice.
But I promise, it gets better. After that unfortunate event me and my
Comp had no idea where to go because there was nobody on the streets
(Bayonne becomes a graveyard after 6:30). So we said a little prayer
for guidance and followed our first gut feelings and walked down a
street. The next 3 people we saw talked to us and one actually wanted
us to come back and meet with him because he had talked with
Missionaries before. So things turned around for the spirit because we
probably would have never street contacted down that street if we
weren't following the feeling.
Also, we had a bunch of college girls honk there car at us and tell us
we were sexy.... So you know, that's cool.

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